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I shall add you to my collection.
you got here by mistake, didn't you lover?

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...Yeah, sorry dude.

(Deleted comment)
that's so weird. i probably shouldn't exist or be typing this.

I almost did, but I caught my mistake. Then I decided to see if there actually was a profile.


Интересный у вас журнал, просто супер.
У меня тоже неплохой журнал, недавно создал, теперь вот хожу по блогам ищу друзей.
Всего хорошего!

I applaud your genius in selecting a journal name.

Complete genius, haha. I've landed on this page more than once. xD

anonymous used to be a good one. people would leave comments thinking it'd left them anonymous comments on their journal. someone seems to have taken that account tho. shame.

I don't know how I got here, but I love it here and never want to leave. Kthankx.

i love you, random lj user

mm baby, let's purge and rename our babies.

i'll save you a special place in hell

In all the five or six years we have been on LJ we have never made this mistake. But you made our day anyhow. Thank you.

I GOTCHOO! Another victim.

Yup you did. Here. Have a cookie, some pie of the flavour of your choice, and also an Internet because you have an excellent journal name, and an even more amazing sense of humor. <3

(Deleted comment)
HAH! i knew someone would do this!

hm. i don't think they can fix it. they shouldn't have let the name get purged, since it links in with all their directory shit. i bet they give you a refund on the rename.

i once renamed myself to 0 and they had to reverse it for some reason cause i couldn't access my journal.

Your journal and user are so bizarre. :D Awesome.

why did 500 people just visit my journal?!

hah, poor user. my journal only become a quirk when lj changed their whole url system some 5 years ago. her name should be reserved. i wonder what other names they purged which they shouldn't have?

ok, make that 1,932 hits so far today...

i might have. but you better know i dont regret it one bit, bby. ♥

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